Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day!!!

This morning Stephanie, Ian, Matthew, Caroline, Haley and I peeked through the blinds and were happy to find a nice surprise...SNOW!!!  A rare and exciting event for Dallas, Texas. 
We made snow angels, a snowman named Fred, went sledding, had a fire, drank delicious hot chocolate, caught snowflakes on our tongues, had a few snowball fights and of course sat inside to watch the beautiful snowflakes drift slowly to the ground.  What a great day and it still isn't over!  Here are a couple pictures of our activities.

Oh!  I forgot to mention eat the snow. ;)
                              I love my gorgeous little nieces...wait they aren't that little anymore!
                                   When did they decide to grow up without my permission!!!

                                                                          I love him!

Ian wearing his Cowboy's coat and Aunt Emily wearing a Packer's headband...Hmm?

                                                                    I love Stephie!!
          So now I'm finishing my blog watching the snow falling and listening to perfect!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Lupine is the name of a group of plants in the pea family.  Lupines have wandlike clusters of showy blue, yellow, white or red flowers that resemble sweet peas.  About a hundred kinds of  lupines grow in North America.

                                   The state flower of Texas the Bluebonnet is in the Lupine family.   


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